A good year for polo in Michigan, and a brief look back

I’ll start this post with a brief look back on how polo got started here in Ann Arbor. I believe it was Big Matt and Jimmy Rigged that were organizing the first games that they played at Wheeler Park on the basketball court in the fall of 2007. I think Matt had made all of the mallets which were the heads off old Crockett mallets bolted to ski poles, very heavy. After the winter where we first played in the Thunderdrome we moved play to Elbel Field in favor of a wide open surface. The court at Wheeler was small and had larger pole for a basketball hoop in the middle of the court.

Here is a shot of one of the first times we played at Elbel Field.

Photo courtesy of http://kula.tproa.net/


This is a shot of one of the first times we played in the Thunderdrome.

Photo courtesy of http://kula.tproa.net/

We moved again to the site where we currently play, at Palmer Field. Through the two years of play we have seen friendly faces come and go, some move and some just lose interest. Thankfully we have had some younger people take up the sport and we are always trying to get more people out to play.

Here is a shot of Nick who moved to Minneapolis this year, he has played with us since the beginning. This was taken at Palmer Field.

Photo courtesy of http://kula.tproa.net/

And here is Brian who moved away for school in Utah, he’s looking all manly with no shirt.

Photo courtesy of http://kula.tproa.net/

This year was a great year for the growth of polo in Michigan. Two clubs have solidified them selfs in the state, Grand Rapids and us. Both clubs visited other cities for tournaments which is key for the growth of a polo club. We have a healthy rivalry going with Grand Rapids, they got a legal organization status before us, great job guys we are hoping to join you, but we (Piet, Matt, and me) did beat them twice in a row in Minneapolis in an honor bout. I remember one guy who rode past that game yelled “What is this Michigan vs. Michigan!?” This year we gained a very skilled player from Wisconsin named Jon, he is helping us all up our game. We plan on going to Lexington again this March which should be near as much fun as the first time, but that will be hard to top. So as much a I’m looking back on last year fondly I’m thinking this year could be better. I’ll be back with a mallet comparison when i’ve got it all done, we will be comparing material and shape. Take care Poloverse.

Here is a cool photo sequence that Ben Lopez put together.

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1 Response to A good year for polo in Michigan, and a brief look back

  1. Matthew Klute says:

    I’ve looked through the photo’s up on Thomas’ site, but this writeup gives much needed context to them. I really love that you guys were playing on basically whatever you had around at first, fenders and bullhorns and all, and manage to look like you are having a blast. It makes me feel a little better about that Diamondback I started out on. (But not much.)

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