Its melting, excellent.

With the current weather of about 40 degrees and rain it is a good day to stay in and drink coffee while thinking about how sweet it will be to play out side when all this frozen stuff is gone. I check on the court about everyday, at least every time I go practice in the Thunderdrome.

I’m still compiling data for my mallet review, and I want to get it reviewed in the American Polo Journal before I post it up here.

We are headed to Lexington next weekend for a weekend of polo fun, this is the first outing for our club this year. and it looks like it will be a grand ‘ole time. There will be a weekend of pick-up, meeting new friends on Lexington’s beautiful courts, and a 2v2 random draw tourney. And I get to put my brand new FleetVelo Joust through its paces in a high level game there.

Here is a picture of the courts in Lexington

Photo courtesy of Pete A. from Como

In the initial testing and practicing on the new frame, I really really like the geometry. The nimbleness of handling at any speed is excellent. I feel so high up when riding that frame, after playing on a old Gary Fisher for the last month or so the Joust feels like a sports car versus a beat up truck with no suspension.  I geared up for playing freewheeled, which I’ve been liking more and more, i will continue to play fixed but in the offensive zone FW lets you get to more shots. And I like scoring goals.

It also helps that the bike looks really good, its painted British Racing Green. And if anyone wants to throw money at a hub set I recommend the White Industries I put on it. The polished oversize flanges looks really good next to the S & S couplers. Mechanically the hubs which I bought sight unseen are flawless. The splined carrier for the cog eliminates the chance of stripping the cog’s threads but it does lock you into using WI cogs until the end of time. The WI DOS freewheel is perfect for the otherside, it allows you two different albeit close gear ratios, and it sounds so good. I took a picture of it but its on my phone and does not give the bike justice. I’ll post a high resolution shot once I have one.

The Dos Freewheel:

White Industries Dos Freewheel


Stay dry out there.

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6 Responses to Its melting, excellent.

  1. and now its snowing, thanks Michigan.

  2. Zachary says:

    Woohoo you guys finally have a site! (that’s not twitter) Now i can harass you on here and the league.

    Adam, can’t wait to see yr Joust. British racing green looks really nice- travis has one i that color so now you guys will match!

  3. yah, it was about time right? i’m glad people know we exist, for a long time we still got “they play polo in Michigan!?”

    i look forward to comparing beers and bikes with you guys. see you guys in Lexington tomorrow.

  4. How was your Lexington Trip?

  5. Lexington was awesome, a much needed break from the grey Michigan winters. Some of the highlights I’ll post on soon, I need to upload some pictures from my camera but don’t have a card reader. I am proud of riding in the back of the Cardinal’s pick-up truck next to like 7 polo bikes, it was only for like two blocks. Then the locals told me where i could find some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, Indi’s on Broadway. All and all we throughly enjoyed the hospitality of the Lexington club almost as much as the Warm weather.

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