The long awaited mid-summer post, even if a little late.

Greeting from the Mitten, summer has come and stayed for awhile but now summer seems to be bored and looks like its gonna move south soon. The nights are starting to cool down to those crisp evening nights that I think are so lovely. It also happens to be perfect polo weather.


Photo courtsey of N. Amari

Here is some Pick-Up going on in Ann Arbor

The club has had some great outings this summer, among the tournaments attended by at least one member of the club include the Midwests Qualifier in Bloomington, Cascidia Qualifier in Portland, Northside Qualifier in Toronto, The Circle Jerk in Columbus, and The North American Harcourt Bike Polo Championships in Calgary. The club continues to grow in skill mostly due to the players who do travel bringing back what they have learned from other player and other clubs. It was very intresting to watch all the west coast teams play in Calgary, they play with a diffrent style. The club also plans on going to the Midwest Open in Milwaukee in October and we are sending our Mitten Polo team to The World Harcourt Bike Polo Championships in Seattle at in two weeks.

Photo courtsey of Martin from Hoopdriver

Here is Rusty Nutz (a2) playing the ringer mixup team Sure Bud in Toronto deep in the double elimination brackets.

Photo courtsey of Martin at Hoopdriver

Here is the same game, but you can see in this photo just how big the courts were in Toronto, HUGE.



Photo courtsey of Medic Mike


This is right after the final in Toronto, Ann Arbor was defeated by DTGP (Two guys from Toronto, one from Paris, FR) 4-3 in sudden-death overtime. Thanks for the awesome time Toronto!


We are very excited that we qualified a team through the regional and continental levels to compete at the world level. In terms of numbers the club has had less players show up than last year at this time, but there are a few new players who show intrest enough to play more than once. So to whoever in Ann Arbor or Ypsi that is reading this, please come out and check us out if you have any intrest at all if you have not already. We have spare mallets to lend and really like to see new people coming out, even if just to watch. All of the club information can be found in the first post on this blog. Stop waiting! Come play polo!


Here is a film of the Rusty Nutz Vs. HJWD in Toronto in the Knock-Out rounds, film by Uolmo.

I will return with a entry expanding on the NAHBPC and WHBPC when we return from Seattle.

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4 Responses to The long awaited mid-summer post, even if a little late.

  1. Zachary says:

    whoa so this site ain’t dead!
    watched you guys kill it in seattle this weekend! way to rep the midwest, congrats guys

  2. zachary says:

    welp you skipped the autumn post so the winter post is up next right??

  3. Yup, working on it right now. But first I gotta get the roster squared for the shit show in B-Town.

  4. hoosier says:

    welp spring is definitely here… maybe another post by summer?

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